How We can Help

We Know the best florists

Flowers can be a meaningful way to pay tribute to someone who has died. We know the best florists to assist you in finding an appropriate and meaningful expression of respect to the deceased and sympathy to those who mourn the death.

A Home Away from home

We would be pleased to provide you, your family or friends with hotel suggestions.  No matter the size of your group we can provide them with a comfortable stay. 

Planning a funeral reception 

Planning a reception is made easy by our dedicated staff. A reception after the service allows family and friends to gather and support each other, to relive memories and to re-tell stories. Allow our staff to help you put it all together. No matter what you want served, we can help make arrangements for you at nearby hotels or restaurants.

The Paperwork -- Are you entitled?

If you require help with Social Security, veteran’s benefits, life insurance claims or assistance with any other paperwork that is necessary after a death, we’re here to help. From over-the-phone explanations to filling out the proper forms and paperwork, let us, with our years of experience, guide you through the process. Funeral paperwork can be complex, especially in the confusing, emotional days after a death, so let us help you.

Obituary Assistance

Allow us to help you write and submit the obituary for your loved one to the newspapers and media you desire. You have enough to think about at this time, so let us handle this important announcement through our contacts in the media.

Limousine Service

Let us arrange for all your transportation needs with our beautiful fleet of vehicles and our impeccable service. At this difficult time of stress for everyone, let us get you safely to where you need to be without worry or tension.