Funeral Service Options

The Traditional Service 

When a traditional funeral service is required, you want an experienced professional. We have relationships with area clergy and funeral facilitators, and if desired, can put you in touch with someone with understanding about what you are going through, and what you might like for the service. A traditional funeral service can be in a church or at our chapel. It can be religious, secular, spiritual or personal. We strive to make this event both meaningful to your beliefs and traditions and in accordance with your desires. Helping make this ceremony everything you want it to be is crucial for us.

The Visitation: Saying Goodbye

A visitation is an event that enables family and friends the opportunity to express sympathy and to share memories with the family of the deceased, as well as the opportunity to say your own goodbyes. Visitation's are for the living, enabling the bereaved to have and keep the company of friends and family immediately following the death.  Our comfortable and attractive facilities offer you the opportunity to meet in an environment that enhances this difficult yet meaningful experience, whether in a large or an intimate setting.

Cemetery Arrangements

Whatever your choices regarding your loved one’s final resting place, we can assist you. Our sensitive staff will guide you whether you already have a cemetery plot, or assist you if you need to select a cemetery and a place of interment. There are many choices available to you, so contact us immediately and we will support you as you decide what would be appropriate for your situation.

A final tribute:  Memorials and Markers

The Parise family’s reputation for outstanding quality, service and professionalism in funeral service is carried on into their monument company, Monuments By Parise. While we primarily serve the memorial needs of Northeastern Pennsylvania, we can supply our products to you anywhere in the country through the use of nationwide shipping.  

A memorial is a permanent tribute to the person who has died, and therefore deserves serious consideration. We believe that a monument preserves memories and we offer superior craftsmanship and attention to detail in order to give our customers the assurance that comes from dealing with an established and dedicated firm. Our craft people, including design specialists and granite sculptors, can offer you a choice of many designs, as well as being able to implement your personal touches to the memorial.

As knowledgeable memorial specialists, we will explain all of your options in selecting and customizing a memorial to suit your specific needs, taste and price range. Whether duplicating an existing memorial, or creating one that is unique, you can depend on us to take a caring, honest and sensitive approach to fulfilling your needs.

Consider Preplanning

When people think of the future, they usually hope that making funeral arrangements is something that will be significantly distant. But if you ignore those plans long enough, they may become a source of financial and emotional stress for your loved ones. Making funeral arrangements is a daunting task which we would always prefer to delay, but when you sit down with one of our preplanning counselors, you will find that it is one of the simplest and most sound investments you will ever make.