Why Preplan?

When people think of the future, they usually hope that making funeral arrangements is something that will be significantly distant. But if you ignore those plans long enough, they may become a source of financial and emotional stress for your loved ones. Making funeral arrangements is a daunting task which we would always prefer to delay, but when you sit down with one of our preplanning counselors, you will find that it is one of the simplest and most sound investments you will ever make.

5 Good Reasons to Preplan  

1. Consider Your Family
The worst time to arrange a funeral is when someone dies. There are over 50 decisions to be made, and families making those decisions at the time of death find it is more difficult given their emotional reaction and state of mind. Planning today for “tomorrow” lets you make logical, well-thought-out plans that your family will appreciate, which makes it easier for them to finalize these arrangements.

2. Consider your own Wishes
Pre-planning your funeral gives the assurance that matters will proceed as you would like. Funerals are for the living, not the dead, so by making plans and having what you would like in place, this can be considered as a “final gift” to your family and friends.

3. Consider the Lower Costs
Prepaying a funeral can provide savings, which eases the burden of cost when the death occurs. While most people have life insurance or funds reserved for retirement, these are intended for the living, not to meet the cost of a funeral.

4. Consider the Flexibility
Funeral pre-arrangements can always be changed. The advantage is that once made, the arrangements remain in place until needed, and indeed can be amended if circumstances change.

5. Consider the Peace of Mind
Planning a funeral does not mean that death is imminent. It merely acknowledges that it is inevitable. The date for the funeral is not written in stone. Your family and others who care for you will be assured the arrangements reflect your true wishes.