Parise Merchandise Selections

Aegean Healing Tree


STANDARD BURIAL VAULT (3 Layers of Protection); The Trigard Aegean Healing Tree burial vault is crafted of concrete which is encased with a reinforced high-impact polystyrene lining covering both the interior and exterior of the cover and base.

The Healing Tree vault allows for meaningful graveside service. During the interactive committal service, a minister or family member reads the Healing Tree poem and invites family and friends to say their goodbyes as they take one of the Memory Ring® keepsakes, which are nestled among the leaves on the vault cover. This pewter keepsake can be placed on a key chain, turned into a necklace or simply kept in a pocket.

Additional vault company fees can include:

Tent service: $125.00

Saturday attendance fee: $115.00

Funerals after 3 PM: $80.00 per half hour

Sunday/holiday attendance fee: $450.00